Friday, April 22, 2011

Air Penguin - and you thought Super Meat Boy was hard

Someone told me once that everything is better with birds. Looking at iPhone gaming, I'm inclined to believe this.


Case in point: Air Penguin. It's a newcomer on the app store, having been released only a week ago (April 14th). And yet, it's already reached the #1 paid app spot in several countries, including Denmark, Austria, Germany and Russia. Why?

Let's start with a basic look: The game has you jump through linear levels using platforms and tilt controls in The Floor Is Made Of Lava a la iPhone. Sounds easy? It is... To start with. But once the game introduces advanced mechanics - broken platforms that will have you start over on touch, sharks, swordfish, seals - the complexity grows, at which point you'll quickly find yourself trapped in an addictive rage machine.

Because it's really freaking hard.

But - and credit where it's due - unlike many other iOS games, it's not hard because the controls are gimped, it's hard because of the amazing level design put into the game. The platform spacing and mechanics both contribute to this. You don't sit there feeling frustrated that the game is playing against you - rather, the rage turns into addiction. 

That brings me onto my next point - it's really freaking long! The game has over 100 stages, plus a survival mode. That's far more than most paid apps.  And don't be tricked into thinking that long = repetitive - sure, it's not a game to play for 8 hours straight, but it's obvious that the level designer had a blast using the mechanics creatively. 
Those damn whales.

I don't have much criticism on this game. The graphic style is endearing as hell, lending to the light-hearted atmosphere of the game, which the music matches up to perfectly. At $0.99, this game is well worth the price.   If you're looking for a new game to pass those lunchbreaks with, get this.



  1. I loved super meat boy. Gotta check this out. Following :)

  2. Hehe nice one, I'll try to get it.

  3. Im more into apps than games for the iPhone
    looks pretty nice though

  4. Nice review, might have to check it out.

  5. I wish I had an iPhone to try games like this, and maybe program my own, but it's a far dream yet.
    In my view, these kinds of game are increasingly popular because of the return value: you pay 1$ and get hours and hours of gameplay, it's simply astounding.

  6. I tried to find it on my droid and it wasn't there. :( Oh well. Thanks anyways.

  7. Ugh god I fucking hated super meat boy...

    controls were oversensitive yet not responsive enough at the same time

  8. $0.99 - Absolutely worth it.

    Super meat boy I found awesome - The extra levels blew my mind